With NEA artists can earn monthly revenues from investors who believe in them. Investors can invest in their favorite artists and earn dividends for every NFT sale the artists make in the future. This way artists generate revenues early on and they don’t have to work side jobs anymore.


We believe in Artists.

We believe in NFTs.

We believe in new monetisiton opportunities and the exploration of new forms of creativity and expression.

To enable that pathway, we host NFT Bootcamps for Artists in which we set the goal of closing the knowledge gap of the blurred landscape of technology applications such as NFTs.

Not only do we explore the technical jungle of the NFT world but look at new forms of creative expression alongside the artist’s transformation from analog to digital.



David Pollhammer

Community Marketing & Social Media

Patricia KarrerFounder

MSc IS & Digital Innovation (LSE), Innovation Director & Management

Rafael HerzbergerNFT and Metaverse Expert

Business Dev & Project Management, Art Advisory

Michael IonitaAdvisor

Company Builder, NFT Expert, Tech-Team Builder